How it all works

List your property for free

Register your rental portfolio on our state-of-the-art website without paying a penny. We offer an advanced property management portal & a dedicated support team.


Start receiving enquiries

Our partnerships with big holiday metasearch platforms will ensure that your portfolio is promoted globally. We’ll notify you of every enquiry & charge only a small fee per lead.


Communicate with guests

Each booking enquiry will include contact details which we’ll send straight to your inbox. This is your chance to vet your guests, discuss availability & send your rental contract.


Collect full payment

With EveryStay, you cut out the middle man. Once you’ve accepted a booking, you can charge your guest and collect full payment directly without us taking a percentage from your income.


Pay per lead

The ‘pay per lead’ system means if your prospective guest enquires twice or more using the same email address within a timeframe of 21 days, you’ll still only have to pay once. We think it’s fairer this way!


How do our fees compare?

Our business model is different. Instead of charging the owners on our platform a commission, you only pay us a small fixed amount if you receive an enquiry. That means you almost keep the full booking value. Would you like to know how much you can save using our platform? Just enter your price per booking below - we'll show you.
Direct Contact
100% Control
Fixed price per booking lead
Booking commission
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Our Partners

We closely collaborate with big travel metasearch platforms worldwide, tourism boards and a long list of Channel Managers. We can perform both, API and XML integrations or connect you directly through your existing CM connection. You have a connection to a partner not listed here? Reach out to us to look into it together.

What other property owners say about us

Adrian Baker, Reunion Vacation Homes, Florida, USA

Since joining EveryStay we’ve been able to take back control of our reservations by interacting directly with the guests. We’ve been able to convert 4 in every 10 enquiries we’ve received, whilst keeping 100% of the booking fee. EverStay has become an important part of how we fill our portfolio.